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Not So Stupid Question 329 Video Is Up

Not So Stupid Question 329

Two weeks until we move houses and boxes are spread out in every room and corner of the house. Two boxes a day is my mantra (I started packing in November haha) and therefore I’m far from stressed and have plenty of time and energy to keep up with the blog!

I’m particularly excited about posting videos again, I just need to find a good screen capture software for my computer. I am using a Mac now and I am a Windows person so it feels like starting all over again. Any recommendations for screen capture software is very appreciated period for now, my first few videos will just be me talking and I’ll paste in some cold, but I hope to post some tutorials and code long videos very soon!

Here is a video for question 329, and apologies for the bad video quality YouTube seems to compromise the quality once I upload the 4K video. I’ll make sure to figure out what I can do to avoid this next time. Enjoy the video!


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Last modified on 2024-03-13

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