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New MAUI Fixes in 8.0.7 and a Little Bit About the 9.0.0 preview

New MAUI fixes in 8.0.7 and a little bit about 9.0.0-preview!

We’ve got another MAUI release, 8.0.7 and I’m stoked to see 70 MAUI issues fixed, plus tests and a bit of documentation. I have to admit I’m mostly keen on the UI fixes and therefore I spent some time and took a look at the fixes and wrote a little summary.

MAUI UI specific fixes:

  • Adjusted Android button to display correctly with a corner radius of 0.
  • Enabled gesture management for views without a window reference.
  • Fixed an issue where CollectionView SelectedItem’s BackgroundColor was always gray on iOS.
  • Updated nullable annotations in IMediaPicker for clarity.
  • Enhanced UI responsiveness in Android by scheduling layout requests during layout on the UI thread.
  • Ensured text is cleared in Android Entry when using the clear button.
  • Fixed the size calculation for the clear button in inputs.
  • Corrected the gray color issue in iOS gradients when using transparency.
  • Added converters for design-time data handling.
  • Addressed an issue with the Flyout layout on iOS devices to display correctly.
  • Corrected the calculation of positions by the GesturePlatformManager on macOS when a relative position is requested.
  • Solved a problem where cells in a TableView on Android would disappear unexpectedly.
  • Improved layout measurement by adjusting the handling of DesiredSize in Measure implementations.
  • Corrected the offset behavior in SwipeRefreshLayout’s SetProgressViewOffset.
  • Addressed a bug related to setting default properties when adding non-BindableObjects as children to AbsoluteLayout.
  • Enhanced the FlyoutIsPresented property in Android to ensure the flyout menu opens as expected.
  • Fixed an issue with the Label control where multiline text truncation did not respect the MaxLines or LineBreakMode settings.
  • Implemented support for translucent and transparent NavigationBar on iOS.
  • Adjusted size calculations in Editor to account for margins.
  • Ensured fallback to the app-level dispatcher when the current thread dispatcher is null.

New fixes in 9.0.0-preview not in 8.0.7:

  • Fix Developer Tools option setting for Blazor Hybrid Mac Catalyst view.
  • Process the hardware enter key as “Done”.
  • [Android] Fix gif animation initial state.
  • Translucent and Transparent NavigationBar on iOS.
  • Account for margins on sizes returned from Editor.
  • If the current thread dispatcher is null return the app level dispatcher.
  • Move Legacy ListViewDoesntFreezeApp to Appium.
  • Ignore SafeArea on templates and shell flyout item templates.
  • Bring back some aspect of ConvertView on TableView and avoid AT_MOST Measure.

You can read more about the 9.0.0 release here.


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Last modified on 2024-02-15

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