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Xamarin Now Supports XCode 15 and Android API 34

Xamarin Now Supports XCode 15 and Android API 34

ContentSome much-needed good news for those of us who have been knee deep in in half migrated code, nervous that we won’t make it before April 2024. Xamarin now supports XCode 15 and Android API 34!

Xamarin XCode 15 announcement

Xamarin docs, extended API support has been added

When Apple announced that all apps in the store have to be built with Xcode15 and iOS 17 SDK we all knew we were in for a stressful race to migrate. Xamarin at the time had announced its end of life (EOL) and that there wouldn’t be any future support for future SDKs as the focus was on MAUI the next step in the Xamarin evolution. If you wanted iOS17, you’d have to use MAUI. Not anymore! We just bought ourselves more time to migrate, and migrate we must, but less grey hairs for me and you. Isn’t that nice?

I am thrilled that Microsoft saw and heard us struggling to make the deadline, and as a little sidenote it was announced today that Xcode 15 and iOS 17 is now supported in Xamarin. Install the latest Preview version of Visual Studio, or latest stable Visual Studio version for Mac, configure your environment and you’ll be good to go.


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Last modified on 2023-10-12