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(Not So) Stupid Question 328: What Is a Rage Click?

Learn all about rage clicks - what they are, how to track them, and why they're important.

I asked on Twitter today for some non-privacy invading trackers for my book website and somebody recommended Clarity. Besides the impressive heat map, it had various other metrics, and one of them was rage clicks. This is a term I haven’t before, but I already love it haha. That leads me to today’s question, what is a rage click?

Not So Stupid Question 328 What Is a Rage Click

A rage click is a term used to describe the act of clicking a button on a computer or other device in frustration. The term is most used regarding online gaming, where users may click the mouse or button repeatedly in response to an in-game situation that is not going their way.

Rage clicks can also occur when trying to perform a task on a device that is proving to be difficult or unresponsive. For example, me trying to leave a Zoom meeting today. It would not let me leave. I guess pressing the elevator button and crossing lights might be considered rage clicks too. That makes me a ragy person hah! To this day I’m convinced the elevator will hurry if I insists with the frequent button presses.


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Last modified on 2022-05-06

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