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D is for Developer by Loke Olsson and Iris Classon


I’m happy to announce a little surprise this lovely Friday! Loke and I have created a book that will be coming out in the next few weeks, an alphabet book for developers. Obviously, this is partly for fun- but I reckon it is turning out pretty good and I’m genuinely excited about this project. The book is self-published, and is a ‘coffee table photo alphabet book’ and the topic is software development.

As some of you have noticed, I love software development. It truly is my greatest passion, and can’t imagine myself doing something else. When I became pregnant (it was planned) I often wondered if I would still feel like I belonged in the community as I was already a minority (a woman, and a late starter). I’ve found the support to be tremendous, and although I love Loke more than anything in the world I still kept my passion for code and I want to show others that developers come in all shapes, colors and family combinations. I’ve always tried to be transparent, genuine and shared with you a lot from my personal life, and I’m excited to share with you the love I have for Loke combined with the fun world of words in software development.


Regarding the book… Loke is the lovely model, while mum (me) is the creator, writer and photographer. Dad, Emanuel, came up with the idea, and Alex a dear friend of ours let us use his camera. Loke, almost 7 months, has had a rough month with colds, grumpiness and poor sleep, and the photo sessions was a way to entertain him (he loved it!)- and a fun project to do together. I’ll be posting the photos one by one to Instagramas well as my blog. The blog posts will have the full text while Instagram has shorter texts.

Can you guess which letters and words these two photos are matched with?


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Last modified on 2019-06-28