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More on Japan and autogenerating assets for a Windows Store (and Windows Phone) application

Hello everybody! Japan is treating us nice and we have gotten to see a lot of really cool things and nerding out big time. Today I was bedridden due to a massive migraine so I didn’t get to go to Akihabara (shopping district for video games, anime, manga, and computer goods) but we will go there later this week. We had no luck locating medicine for me so tomorrow we will drag me to a cat café as I have a theory that rubbing two kittens against my head will work just as well if not better than any meds. In particular if the kittens purr.
Here is a short video from Tokyo aquarium:

As for some dev stuff, told you the blog wont stay still, here is a tiny but very hand tip. I don’t know about you, but the darn assets are just sooo tedious to create that I was rather excited to find this site that autogenerates them for you- recommended as well mandatory assets. I would recommend using a PNG with transparent background and select a color on the site before generating the assets.


Here is my result on a high res PNG where I cheekily grabbed an icon from the free icon library Synfusion Metro Studio. This is to demonstrate the results- you probably want something more unique.


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10/10/2014 4:19:25 PM
You might also check out "PerfecTile".

Well, it costs a few bucks - but it has nice additionally features (you can override specific rules/settings. For example you might not have the icon scaled all the way up on the large tile). Used it in serveral projects. But the website sure is great since it is for free ;) 

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