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Video DDD Melbourne 2014 Keynote: Burning Passion


Sorry for taking this long to get the video edited and published, the move to UK and the new job kept me busy for the last few weeks :)

Here is the keynote that I did for DDD Melbourne 2014 on the topic passion and being burned out. Since I was asked a few times, yes the drawings are mine- I like to draw but it’s pretty much my first attempt with digital drawing using my Surface Pro and the pen. I used Manga Studio for the drawing, I’ll write a separate post on that.


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9/7/2014 2:24:13 PM
Hi Iris! Yet another useful story from you for me and the rest of humanity, thanks a lot! But again I noticed accumulating audio desync in your video. Like the one, you can find here: , just click somewhere at the end. Or may be it is ok, just a little ventriloquism practice, I dunno... 

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