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Episode: 006 Bike accident and not coding

Yes I’m alive and doing OK. had a tiny accident earlier in the week and decided to be on the safe side and give my brain and body a well deserved rest after the concussion. Then of course I fell behind on everything I had to get done this week (work and other) - so blog, twitter etc. wasn’t high on the priority list :)

Sorry for blabbering on in the video, *real* content coming soon, but for those of you in need of wasting 8 minutes here is a quick update. Video interview/podcast on ‘What is SharePoint, and why the X and Y jokes?’ coming up tomorrow hopefully. Happy coding! And yes, isn’t that the coolest cup ever?


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5/20/2014 2:05:31 PM
Glad you're OK after the bike accident and I do admire your dedication, but you really should watch Game of Thrones! It's fantastic. 
Snorre Sturlasson
5/25/2014 3:09:47 AM
Forsiktig lilla))) Ditt liv er veldig verdigfull for verden!!! 
5/27/2014 10:10:16 PM
Hi, I am happy you were able to recover :).  You are a great inspiration and I am looking forward to you next vlog. You are Awesome! 
Iris Classon
5/30/2014 4:08:20 PM
Reply to: Ruben
Thank you so much Ruben! 
Iris Classon
5/30/2014 4:08:57 PM
Reply to: Snorre Sturlasson
Tack snälla! Blir glad av dom fina orden! 

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