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Easter break 10-23 April: Trail running, bike rides and making time for exercise on a busy schedule

I hope you’ve had a superb Easter! As you probably have noticed the blog has been quiet for a few days as I spend some time with family after some rather hectic weeks.

But do not worry, I have plenty saved up for you! Following blog posts coming up this and next week:

  • Step by step guide on Brokered Components (WinRT)

  • Brokered Components (WinRT) templates (if the MS team doesn’t beat me to it) Hah! Of course they beat me to it :D :D

  • BUILD notes: new in C#

  • BUILD notes: VS online

  • BUILD notes: Dev center & app submission (WP & Win8)

  • Stupid Question: Scan codes

  • Stupid Question: In memory DB’s

  • And a few personal posts and videos (programming related)

My Easter

The weather magically changed this Easter, for the better. After weeks of cold and rain I arrived to Norway and was met by 17C (63F) and sun. This is practically beach weather for us, and with that I could wear shorts and dresses all week without being cold.

Since I’ve decided to do a triathlon (my first) I had to step up my training, and my mother was rather excited to buddy up with me and spend half the day (if not all) exercising. Here is the schedule:

Day 1

Trail run 1h 45 min

Powerwalk 45 min (works better than stretching)

Day 2

3h dancing (house/rave)

Day 3

Trail run 1h 45 min

Powerwalk 45 min (works better than stretching)

Day 4

65 Km bike ride in the mountain

Powerwalk 45 min

Day 5

Rest, powerwalk 30 min

Walking around taking photos in Stavanger, 3h

Next week I’m adding some more swimming and I can get back to the gym as well (I don’t have a gym card in Norway), not to mention I can do my beloved barefoot runs. My bike needs some serious love, and I have to start looking into getting a decent racing bike and some swimming lessons.

Finding time for exercise/being active

Now I know many wonder how on earth one would find time for all this, and it is possible I promise you!

Sometimes I’m able to combine:

I watch BUILD videos and take notes while I powerwalk at the gym, or when I bike at the gym

I listen to podcasts while cleaning at home- above my sink (as I don’t have a dishwasher) I have a tablet holder so I can watch Pluralsight videos

I do meetings and calls while walking

When I go trekking or trail running I spent the commute time to reply to emails and create to-do lists

All commute time is spent doing some sort of work (calls, emails, prep)

Instead of movies I watch documentaries about tech or something to improve my learning technique, or tech videos (Channel9, Pluralsight, etc) with friends. There is always something they find interesting, and it might not be programming but still useful. On occasions it has been about a certain domain I’m working in.

Sometimes I set aside time:

I have at least two days a month where I do a minimum of 4h activity in one go. This is usually longer runs, bike rides, trekking, multi-sport or team sport. It’s not hard to get people to join, be that friends or family, but I do have to adjust the exertion level and ‘seriousness’ to fit everybody.

I now go swimming with a friend at lunch twice a week, having that time with friends and also doing something that gives me new energy allows me to do better work. Since the swimming hall is 30 min walk away I do calls and emails on my way there, and start earlier or finish later that day.

Sometimes I cut corners (and time)

By just waking up 15 minutes earlier, and having my gym bags packed (I pack 7 bags each Sunday) I save another 15 minutes, in total I have 30 mins I can use for sprint training and 20min interval training equals 1h steady pace of training.

I order food home (groceries). I save time and money (as I don’t buy unnecessary things), at least 3h a weeks that I otherwise would use to get groceries. That time is invested in exercise, for example my daily yoga routine (I do a sequence each morning and evening, approx. 10 min each)

I don’t have a working TV, so I simply therefore do not watch TV. If I want to watch TV I have to go visit a friend. When I do I always drag my laptops which weigh a ton, and I use public transportation which gives me a fair bit of walking

Sometimes I put myself in situations where I have to be active

I try out new cafes in the city (working from a café), and that means walking a fair bit- with a heavy bag. My favorite café is 2500 steps away, one way.

I always offer to help when friends are moving, cooking dinners or arranging things. Walking to the store from my friends Jonas apartment is a 15-20 min walk one way, so getting candy or frozen berries for the desert gives a nice walk.

These are just some small pieces of advice, I’ll write down everything I can think of one day. We, us programmers, we have such brilliant minds that we have trained so well. Like an athlete our minds have been trained for various sports, everything from endurance to sprints, to heavy lifting. If only we could to the same to our bodies with the same dedication, passion and love. A healthy mind in a healthy body, a body is after all such an amazing vehicl


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Rigoberto (Rigo) Maldonado
5/18/2014 5:52:35 AM
I am really impressed with your interview at Youtube.  I know for sure as you mentioned, that if we think positively, we can achieve the best in our life. I am located in Puerto Rico, a paradise in the Caribbean with a weather ranging from 70 -90 degrees. If you want to visit this part of the world, just let me know. You are welcome. GOD bless you and your family. 
Iris Classon
6/3/2014 7:23:53 AM
Reply to: Rigoberto (Rigo) Maldonado
Thank you so much for that, and I'll probably take you up on that offer. I've never been there, and its on my my list of places to visit :) 

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