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VLog Episode:002 Negative Conference Comments (on a session)

I recently got all the review cards from my two sessions at Better Software and Agile Development East, where I did a keynote and a session.

You might remember another post I wrote on the topic where I took a look at the scores I had gotten at some sessions I did last year (those I had scores from) and compared the scores to how I thought I had done.
Measuring up – conference scores for my first year speaking, comparing what I expected to what I actually got (Q258-261)

This time I have some actual comments, and in this video I go through all the comments for the first time and respond, and share my thoughts on reviewing and being reviewed on conference sessions.

A big thank you for those that take the time to respond and evaluate, these comments help me deliver better sessions and grow as a speaker and teacher.
Love to hear your experience and thoughts on the topic, so please share :)


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Lanette Creamer
2/8/2014 10:11:15 AM
I love your setting. It feels like a nice comfortable chat. Wonderful way to share casually. I'm inspired to try to record a vlog away from my laptop! 
Iris Classon
2/9/2014 8:37:56 AM
Reply to: Lanette Creamer
Thank you :) As soon as the weather gets a little bit better I plan on recording outside and show a little bit of Gothenburg as I did with the videos I recorded in Thailand :) 

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