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Happy New Year 2014!

Just came from the NYE celebration, a cozy and fun celebration with just me, mum and dad. It’s been a while since the three of us spent so much time together and I wish my sister was there as well, but she lives in Australia.

Here is my NYE in pictures, hope you enjoyed your NYE, or are about to enjoy it!

We booked a table at a local restaurant for a 4 course dinner. The food wasn’t terrible good, but not bad either.

Here is the head of the family, el’ mafioso – my dad


And me and mum. I don’t know how he does it, but dad always manages to get the corner of something in front of the people in photos, this time a wine glass. Well, at least he had no issues taking a photo with my Windows Phone.


Starter was duck with red cabbage salad. I was confused as the salad was warm but the duck was cold. I’ve gotten used to eating medium meats (I used to be a vegan so I struggled with that) but I just can’t do duck. I had just one bite and dad gladly finished the rest.


Then there was green pea soup with scallops. I liked that.


Some beautiful medium rare tender meat.


And what for me was the highlight, chocolate pudding with passion fruit sorbet.


We then headed of to a bar/lounge called Timbuktu. My mum and dad owns two nightclubs, and everybody seems knows my dad in this city (he works the door at the the two clubs and manages the bars) so it was really fun to see how genuinely happy people where to see him. I still got asked for ID at the bar, which was really funny as I’ve worked together with some of the guys at the door, but they didn’t seem to recognize me with the red hair (was blonde back then).

The trio at Timbuktu


Me and dad <3


Mum and dad having a bit of a pash outside. I’m not talking about (powershell + bash), its an Aussie expression for kissing.


As it got closer to midnight we went to a nightclub called Taket. The place has been going for 20 years or so, it was one of the first few places I got in when I was a teen (yes, I got in without an ID) at 16. We danced for an hour or so and watched the fireworks (not much to brag about but a good atmosphere) through the class windows.


After some more dancing we went home, and stopped at a gas station and I practiced some driving (I don’t have a drivers license since I’ve been moving around so much, but I promised myself to get one this year). It was fun to do that with both my parents on impulse, at 2 AM in our best clothes, on NYE. Why not? And oh, yes, I don’t drink alcohol so I was of course sober, and mum – the dedicated driver wasn’t drinking either. So no rules broken Winking smile

The last thing we did, which is an old tradition from when I used to work at the club together with dad, was to go come late in the evening and eat some Romanian food, and talk about all our observation and future plans for the clubs. Mum used to, if she hadn’t been at the club as well, to either wake up when we came or stay up. I always enjoyed this moments, and today dad had made one of my favorite dishes, an Aubergin/eggplant mayonnaise called Vinete.

So I put on something comfy, and nerdy, and ended the the night, started the new year, with two people I love very much, with food I eat to rarely. I have a feeling this year will be magnificent, and if I have anything to say it will be. Happy NYE, and big hugs to all of you!



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