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BUILD 2013: 2nd Keynote: ASPNet, Azure mobile services, autoscale and Active Directory

Xbox uses today over 300000 servers, compared to 200 in 2002 Windows Server 2012 R2 available as of last Monday, System Center and and SQL Server 2014 New in Asp.Net No selection between webforms and MVC, just ASP.Net app,- then you can add the frameworks you want to use. One ASP.Net! Can set several default browsers and test in multiple browsers Refresh browsers with refresh from Visual Studio Bootstrap template is included per default (you can override the style template with predefined styles on various sites) Creating new web site from Azure portal is extremely easy Async calls Peek definition instead of go to definition shows the definition as a lightly dismissible popup

Web essentials will tell you which browser supports that vendor tag (thank you Mads!) Server explorer integrates Azure, you can start stop etc. (you get almost a full portal within Visual Studio 2013) 130000 windows azure websites, general availability is now open Preview Visual Studio 2013 and .Net 4.5.1 Previews available Azure Mobile Services Mobile centric app development, how do we build these apps fast? Windows Azure Mobile Services provides fast and easy backed services (mobile services was launched in August last year). Free 20MB SQL DB Custom APIs Schedule scripts Authenticate users easy with MS account, FB, Twitter or Google Adding push notifications is easy in VS2013: right click, add, push notification, follow the wizard steps. This will also pre wire test notifications. General availability now open

Autoscale Autoscale ability directly in azure Configure basic set of rules for scaling with target CPU range to only use as many machines as needed Autoscale for set of VM’s Windows Azure Active Directory AD for the cloud Integrate with on-premise AD Single sign-on

BizTalk services preview is now available Devices and services

New F12 tools You don’t need to refresh You can move lines of markup around Performance tools - detailed information

Web view control (ms-webview) can run local content Adobe brings a DPS solution to developers (digital publishing software) By just adding Bing by CSS the text will get Bing entity cards, you can extend word to view documents the same way

Foursquare app first tablet app will come to Windows 8 platform (neat app!), and more apps coming!

New partnership with Unity Client and server New guidance whitepapers on .Net Point of Services - card readers, barcode scanners and more


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Last modified on 2013-06-27