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BUILD 2013: What is new in XAML (highlights)

Flyout control - a lightweight user interface (view). Is lightly dismissible and can by attached to any FrameworkElement. Use Flyoutbase.Attachedflyout . When added to a button the flyout will open automatically.

Settingspanel - Flyoutcontrol that simplifies use of settingspanel Theming and ThemeResource - you can request specified theme on single controls

Hub control - can use different data sources. New hub app temp,ate in usual studio 2013

CommandBar - automatic layout and resizing of the app bar commands AppBarButton symbols

You can define vectors, pngs or custom fonts. SearchBox - integrate with Search APIs with IME integration. Not much in the documentation yet, but it should come here.WebView - the same but does not renders top of all controls anymore - can render from local storage by just setting the source - event lifecycle - increased security -navigation control More (in random order): PDF render API Accessibility improvements High-contrast awareness Date picker and time picker Hyperlink is back Intellisense on resources Highlight a XAML section and wrap in for example StackPanel (surround by, right click and select) Go to definition in XAML Create custom guides in XAML Support for UI element rendering (render target bitmap)

Startup performance Defer loading of keyed resources - x;key resources only loaded when used Delay-load of theme resources XAML Binary Format (XBF) up to 25% performance improvement - binary format is generated even for third party controls, such as those we have at Telerik ;) List and GridView performance Changes in rendering by trimming the default primitive composition and letting you opt in for what you want to add instead rendering performance on the list and gridview has been improved enormously. Panning This is also noticeable when panning. This is by default when creating apps with the new improvements, otherwise check the migration documentation. There will also be access to lower level APIs in regards to panning you get more control of the drawing (low level event API). Text improvements

Some changes:- Placeholder textColor fontsPaste eventCharacterEllipsisSelectionHighlightColor++ Input and manipulations Smooth panning (ChangeView) Locking scroll regions Programmatic focus Bindings Performance in bindings improved by 40% Access to BindingExpression UpdateSourceTrigger DependecyObjectCollection (behavior SDK) FallbackValue


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Per KarlssonPer
7/8/2013 5:58:32 AM
Hej Iris 
Var skall man börja nånstans om man gillar programmering.... Håller för tillfället på och lär mig c++ Med vänlig hälsning Per 

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