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BUILD 2013: What is new in Windows Runtime

Note: this blog posted is written during the session and is just a set of notes from the session These are not all the new features/updates, but some f them that they chose to show during the session. Ill find some time to make a full list after BUILD, meanwhile make sure you check out the other BUILD 2013 blog post I’ve written and will keep writing.

Showing of a giant Sphero :D Enhanced Bluetooth APIs- this is pretty cool, have an early look at the documentation (still slim but gets better) Multi-monitor support for Windows Store Apps New modes (easily tested and supported (design time) with the Device Window as before) Point of service (POS) device support (credit card reader etc.) Uses the industry standard. Azure mobile services supported from Visual Studio 2013 at the click of a button (or two) Simplified PlayTo New HttpClient API and Http prefetching Most of the session was spent on UI (unfortunately as there are many cool API improvements), so here are the new controls, features and updates: C# - new AppBar controls CommandBar DatePicker Flyout Hub Hyperlink MenuFlyout SettingsFlyout TimePicker Updates FlipView updates Headers for ComboBox, DatePicker, TimePicker, Slider, Edit controls Placeholder text Other control updates JavaScript - new AppBarCommand BackButton Hub ItemContainer NavBar Repeater WebView Updates Drag-and-drop support for the ListView Reorder items in the ListView New ListView layout: CellSpanningLayout Other ListView updates Other Windows Library for JavaScript updates


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Last modified on 2013-06-26

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