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BUILD 2013 Detailed Keynote: introduction and demonstrations

In a few minutes BUILD is about to kick of and I am so exited! Ill be blogging about the conference during the conference trying to bring you the news and excitement in real time :D I’m here with my colleagues at Telerik, surrounded by good friends, some I’ve meet only online. It is to say the least, a very exciting experience!

Steve Balmer welcomes the crowd, announcing that the Windows 8.1 preview is available now here

Showing of the new beautiful Nokia phones and the HTC and Samsung phones. ‘Im not sure if I should talk about devices such as PC or tablets or Phone, since the has been a device transformation. I’m happy to announce that everybody here is getting a small windows 8 tablet that runs a full windows 8. Small tablet devices are important and require a lot of work for us on the system design to bring the small device form factor to life’. Apps are rising, with FlipBoard promising to create the best windows application possible, Facebook getting on board and NFL Fantasy Football. 2 million apps in total, store and those waiting to be published. Balmer also confirmed (again) that he start button is back and that users can boot to the desktop.

Bing Inside- a smarter search experience Julie Larson-Green came on stage to demo the devices Balmer introduced, with the I rest example being the small tablet. ‘Windows 8 was the most ambitious change made by Microsoft, and we’ve had of 800 updates since November.

Mentioned: The updates to the email client won’t be in the preview build. The new search experience offers a one stop shop for information with integration with for example Xbox music. One cool feature is that you can navigate In the browser to any music site, share the link and it will get all the songs as a playlist and let you share the playlist. Lock screen can have a live slide deck from your photos on your skydrive and take pictures or do video straight from the lock screen. There is picture editing built in for photos

New app called Food and Drink by Bing. It has hands free mode which uses camera to let you navigate in the instructions without actually touching the device. The start menu / button takes you to the new mode where you can swipe up to see all your apps, faster and more than you ever could before. The modes aren’t just snapped and filled anymore, and you aren’t limited to just two apps. Multitasking just got way cooler!


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Last modified on 2013-06-26

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