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BUILD 2013 Detailed Keynote: for developers

Make sure you read the first part: BUILD 2013 Detailed Keynote: introduction and demonstrations Antoine Leblond takes the stage to give us the developer details on Windows 8.1 New in Visual Studio 2013

Power consumption in milliwatt (mW) Async debugging. Procedural Async code is hard to debug, so it has been made easier for us to debug. We now will preserve the actual call and allow you to debug Async function calls. App performance improvements The Store Improved design, easier to locate apps and navigate Picks for you list- gives you suggestions for apps for you More information about the apps ‘Related apps’ section and ‘apps by’ Desktop apps Still lots of love for desktop apps Each monitor can have its own scaling factor

The scaling is built in Windows 8.1 so apps don’t need to do anything, the OS will take care of that 3D printers are getting better and cheaper, so there is now 3D printing support i the OS making Windows 8.1 the first OS to support this per default.

Gurdeep Singh Pallstalks about Bing Bing has 17.5% share in US The work put into Bing can be reused

Bing is now available as a platform to you as a developer - power of deep search is now available to you and your apps Bing maps supports 3D taking the idea of visiting cities to a whole new level

‘All apps will have eyes and ears in the near future’ The Bing platform portal for developers is now open, more information can be found here on the Bing platform portal site. platform Rusty McLellan and Dave Mac talks about project Spark

Open world digital canvas , game maker game that makes heavy use of the xbox smart glass. Create your world and then play, changing behavior, landscapes and more as you want. Beta registration is now open for the Project Spark


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Last modified on 2013-06-26

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