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Ask me: To blog or not to blog, and what if you are a junior developer?

Today I answer the following question:

Was asked at an interview if I kept a blog that helped the dev community, of course I said no but why should a new developer have a blog? Since you are new thought since you have one figured u could guide me on this

Hope I make sense :)


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Marcel Veldhuizen
4/18/2013 1:59:47 AM
LOL, I hope things worked out with the car :)

I fully agree with your view on blogging, but at the same time it made me feel a little guilty. I've mostly been blogging about rather specific technical challenges I've encountered, almost invariably ending in quite long articles that take a lot of effort to research and put together.

A couple of months ago, I felt I should try to up the frequency of my posts a little, and I started writing a few light-weight articles about things I had done in the past. For me that style doesn't seem to be working however, so I guess I'm doomed to be one of those people that write something every 3 months. When you're starting a blog, you will figure out this personal style as you go. In any case it's a great learning experience :) 
4/19/2013 3:02:35 PM
If an employer thought about giving me a job or not depening if I had a blog or not, I am not sure I really would like to work there...

But otherwise, I agree with what you say. I just see every day when I go to work and read through the latest tweets and blogs I follow and I think I learn quite a lot or at least keep me updated.

Great blog post! 
Mike Reynolds
4/20/2013 6:20:22 AM
Hi Iris,

A developer's level should not matter when it comes to blogging.  As you have said yourself -- I think you said this in a tweet  a couple of months ago -- junior developers can teach senior developers just as much as senior developers can teach junior developers, and blogs are a perfect medium for sharing knowledge.

I see blogging as a tool to make me stronger as a developer.  This applies to developers at all levels -- from architect down to junior -- since an article topic might require you to conduct research prior to penning your thoughts on paper.  One can learn a lot during the research process.

Further, readers can also share things with blog authors by leaving comments.  Not only will you as a blog author learn something from the readers, other readers will benefit from such comments.

My previous thought is a perfect segue into my last point:  read others' blogs and leave comments if possible.  In other words, engage with the larger community of developers to foment thoughts, share knowledge, and kindle learning

Mike Reynolds 
4/24/2013 2:41:16 AM
Thanks for the post. I totally agree with you but wan't to stress out something:
You can not underestimate how important it is to be passionate about what you are doing.
I think, essentially, nothing else matters.
5/15/2013 7:44:37 AM
Iris Thank you for the advice since I was the one that asked the questions.  I haven't written a blog as of yet but still thinking about the idea.  Again thank you very much to getting back to the questions I had. 

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