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Looks like I'll be speaking at DataTjej ('ComputerGirl') Conference 2013

DataTjej 2013

I think most developers, and everybody that knows me, know that I’m very, very, very, passionate about what i do - programming. And that I also really want more girls/women to realize that this is an amazing job- I am not exaggeration,- it really is. Unfortunately the number of female developers has been declining since the 80’s (and in the US at that time almost half of the devs were female). There are many reasons for this, and I will write a separate article about that. I’ve been so very lucky to be invited to come and speak at the only female centric developer conference in Sweden, and that is for me a big compliment and I was more than happy to say yes, with great support from both the companies I work for, Telerik and Dotnet Mentor. I’ll share later what the session will be about,- and I’ll find a way to share the session after the conference (in English) for those of you unable to attend.


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Last modified on 2012-12-17

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