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Stupid Question 98: What advice would you give developers to land a dream job?

While scuba-diving in Thailand I noticed a guy wearing a Github T-shirt and desperate to find somebody to talk code with I asked about the T-shirt . Turns out that the guy was Zachary Kaplan, a super nice, and very smart, programmer that works at Github. He was kind enough to help me answer a stupid question, how do you and a dream job? - since we both feel like we do :)


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Mike Reynolds
12/8/2012 2:28:53 PM
I just want to say that developers looking to land a decent job should not put on a facade that they're passionate about a particular thing in development.  An astute interviewer will quickly see through that veneer.

Passion in development is usually discovered, and keeps the embers going by itself without any external rewards fueling it.  In other words, rewards are reaped by executing things that are kindle by said passion, and these rewards are usually bestowed from within.


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