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At Öredev , backlog of stupid Q's coming soon, and code :D :D

Yeah, sorry for not posting for a few days! It has been CRAZY at the Öredev conference!!! I’ve written up all the stupid questions but havent had time to publish. Got a massive migraine so I’ll get some rest and post it all tomorrow :) Thank for all the emails and tweets! I am doing great, and I can’t say enough how happy I am to read all of it. You guys and girls totally rock! Party on, code on :) And yes, the session I had went really good, but I’ll tell you all about it later :D :D

I made the newspaper today, that is just crazy!!!

The article can be found here, have fun with google translate if you want :D
‘Hög klackat’ means high heels just so you know, dont think that word can be translated :P


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Last modified on 2012-11-08

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