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Stupid Question 57: Iris, what are your top 6 tips for getting started with Windows Store App development?

As promised here are the links I talked about at the DevReach session. The tips are aimed at WPF and SL developers wanting to have a smooth(er) transition to Windows Store App development.

  1. Do your homework
    Read & understand the guidelines before you start

Attend a virtual training

2.Plan and Re-Think
Plan navigation flow and app design early on

Download design assets (templates)

3.Try what is out there
Spend some time with the project templates & apps

A few suggestions:

Cocktail flow
USA Today

4.Look at code examples

Download app samples collection

Don’t forget the Live SDK

  1. Do the hands on labs

  2. Keep in mind the differences
    Many great resources for porting apps


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Last modified on 2012-10-04

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