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Windows Store App submitted! Demo video is up

IntuiTrain - Landing page

So- i just submitted my Windows Store App that I have been working on all summer- FINALLY!!! I still had so many thing i wanted to do, add, change and so on,- but I had to release a first version to get some feedback, and basically just get it out. there is no end to final tweaking :P I probably should wait until it gets published, but I’m so excited so I’ve uploaded a demonstration video already :D Let’s cross our fingers now, and hope it gets published :)

The Video is filmed with Snagit while testing it on a slate, I managed to cut of the lower part of the screen somehow while recording, so the app has more space at the bottom!

The DatePicker, TimePicker, and all the cool charts and graphs are Telerik RadControls for Windows 8!

Here are some Images of the App



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Rick Byrd
9/13/2012 11:32:53 AM
Looks really nice. Did you create your own graphics on the landing page? They look great. 
9/14/2012 6:06:05 AM
I think she used Metro-Studio from Syncfusion. Really powerful Metro-Icon-Collection with 1700 Icons for free. You find it on

Iris Classon
9/14/2012 8:23:50 AM
Reply to: Rick Byrd
The icons are from Metro studio from Syncfusion - they have a nice collection that fits well with the design guidelines 
Iris Classon
9/14/2012 8:24:33 AM
Reply to: Andre
You are right, and they are quite nice! 

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