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A thought on providing private IT-support

I’ve noticed that if you do any type of work that includes a computer friends and family will declare you as their own personal IT-helpdesk/support. The other day a person asked me,

“So you are a … what did you call it again?” It sounds like I have a really weird job

“A developer, same as a programmer” He looks like a questionmark

“Ah.. IT!” He says enthusiastic

“No, not really” I notice he ignores the answer

“Maybe you can help me then?” He says extremly happy

“With what?” Uh no I think

“Which internet provider should I choose?”

Sometimes IT-support goes somewhat like this: Medival IT-support - Norwegian sketch with English (and Norwegian) subtitles

And sometimes something like this IT-Crowd (my favorite moment)

Last modified on 2012-08-28