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Sweden Pluralsight Study Group in Gothenburg is up and running, come join us!

Sweden Study Group

If you have been following my blog or me on twitter you might have noticed that I am a big fan of Pluralsight! This summer I got to meet the Pluralsight team and many of the authors, and they did an interview with me where I got the opportunity tell the world how much the tutorials have helped me as a developer. I know that many developers really love Pluralsight and a study group would be appreciated. So after a bit of planning I have now started Sweden Pluralsight Study Group, inspired by the New York group that did the same thing earlier this summer. Dotnet Mentor will host the meetings/workshops here and provide food and drinks during the meet ups.

The Meetup site for Sweden Pluralsight Study Group - come join us!

Lifelong learning is something I am very passionate about, and we need good tools and great people. With up to date tutorials by very skilled developers in a social and inspiring setting I hope that the members of this group can learn new things, make new friends,- and keep that inner fire for programming burning.

We will meet up every Monday, 17:30 to 20:30 starting Sept. 3rd and start by having something to eat and drink, before indulging in a one hour tutorial. After mingle and a group discussion we divide us in smaller groups and together try out what we just learned, - whilst keeping the discussion going. There won’t be any experts there, or any lectures. I’ll just function as the organizer/ group leader for the group and make sure everybody has what they need, and be the go to person in RE to the meet ups.

You can read more about the group, and joing us, here.

The first four meet ups will be Building HTML5 and JavaScript Apps with MVVM and Knockout by John Papa, I have watched another tutorial by him and he is a very skilled developer and teacher,- and has a lovely conversational style which makes it easy to follow his tutorials and they never get boring. I am super excited about this group, and the first tutorial we will doing, and I hope many developers join the group and the meetings.


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Last modified on 2012-08-15

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