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I’m joining the Telerik team as a Technical Evangelist

It has been a crazy 13th month this month. With my head spinning good I blissfully have enjoyed unexpected turns on my journey as a developer after such an embracing entrance in the public developer community. And I want to give something back- because you might have noticed that I have a lot of energy (please feel free to feel sorry for my parents…)?

A few weeks ago I got a great opportunity. Telerikcontacted me, and we had many great conversations in the weeks that followed. I like to talk. They like to talk. We almost shared BFF hearts.


Look, this company is a market-leading provider in tools for agile project management, collaboration, development and testing,- so I was very flattered of course. But for me the people involved and what they stand for is what really counts if you want to count me in. I’ve had great jobs, and shit ones. The deciding factor greatness vs shitness lies with the people, beliefs and passion. I had already talked to quite a few of the developers when testing some beta components and I was impressed with the support (even when I had complaints), and as I got to meet even more team members I got a little Telerik crush going on.

I called my parents in the middle of the night. My dad doesn’t know what I am doing, so explaining ‘Telerik’ and ‘Evangelism’ ended up being translated as me working for a phone company, and something about blogging about weird religions.

But in short, I love passionate people that really love what they are doing with an unstoppable drive to do great and be great. It felt like home and I wanted to move in. And so I did. We never shared a BFF heart, by we added each other on skype and exchanged paperwork. That’s the grownup way to BFF somebody I’ve been told.

If we had gotten BFF hearts I would probably have gone for this model

So I am now, part time, hired as a Technical Evangelist for Telerik. I’ll be sharing my time with Dotnet Mentor were I will be continuing to work as a software developer (loving it just as much), so I won’t be relocating. Fingers crossed, I might get to do a fair bit of traveling – I can’t describe how much I enjoy meeting developers from all over the world! It’s just awesome (and I mean awesome as in superlative awesome, not awesome = good).


The new role is a global position, with the internet being my office. My role will be to inspire as I have been inspired, give support as I have been given support, and to engage in an engaging community.

It is going to be one hell of a ride, and I would love you to join me. Put your seatbelt on, I don’t have a drivers license but I know the way ;)


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Mark Rendle
8/9/2012 6:55:02 AM
Congrats. Telerik are one of the good guys. 
Daniel Forster
8/9/2012 7:11:19 AM
So impressed and amazed by all your hard work and dedication Iris. If anyone deserves something like this it's you. Huge congrats from me. 
Stanley Glass
8/9/2012 7:36:21 AM
8/9/2012 7:51:44 AM
Great job Iris. Got to know abt u from twitter and just read ur one year journey, amazing ..not getting words..but u have inspired me like anything..Thanks a lot for that..have a great future ahead....would like to read more from u....Ur big fan... 
Javier Suárez Ruiz
8/9/2012 7:59:28 AM
8/9/2012 8:19:13 AM
Congrats Iris!!!!!

Couldn't happen to nicer person

You are going to drive them nuts , but they will be better for it.

Love the Dad story, roflamo......

Ps maybe you could get them to do something like Bizspark? Some developers going it alone don't have money for all their fancy toys :( 
Filip Skakun
8/9/2012 10:13:11 AM
2 jobs, classes, learning how to code, blogging, workouts... is there even any time for sleep or private life? 
Chris Sells
8/9/2012 2:50:51 PM
We're very happy to have you, Iris. Welcome aboard! 
Tom Alderman
8/10/2012 4:16:06 AM
Wow! Good luck. 

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